Fibox Plastic & Aluminium Mechanics Oy
Fibox Plastic & Aluminium Mechanics Oy
Keilaranta 19, 02150 ESPOO
Tel. +358(0)207 785 700

The best solution partner in plastic mechanics for demanding applications


Factories for Plastics & Aluminium mechanics

FiboxPAM Oy, Uusikaupunki

Specialized in injection moulding of small & medium sized volumes
IM machines range from 20t to 1.500t including
   gas assisted moulding capability in several units
Decoration and assembly services
Clean room manufacturing, class ISO 7
Warehousing hub for key account customers
ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Fibox Plastic & Aluminium Mechanics Oy   |   Keilaranta 19, 02150 ESPOO   |    Tel. +358(0)207 785 700   |
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